Project Yuri: the future of ammonia

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Project Yuri: the future of ammonia

About the speaker
  • Leigh Holder
    Leigh Holder
    Business Development Director at Yara Clean Ammonia
    Leigh Holder is an experienced corporate executive and lawyer with over 15 years' experience in energy and resources and business development working on public and private mergers and acquisitions, the establishment and management of large-scale joint ventures; and in the origination and financing of renewable, energy and infrastructure projects. Leigh has been part of Yara International’s Australian management team since July 2012, acting as Legal Counsel and Company Secretary for Yara’s Australian and New Zealand operations, before moving into the position of Business Development Director - Australia for Yara Clean Ammonia in April 2022.

Key takeaways

The Yuri Project in Australia aims to kickstart the hydrogen industry, producing the country's first green-certified ammonia as a decarbonization pathway.

The project diversifies ammonia use, targeting ship bunkering and Asian power stations, while contributing to the broader decarbonization of the ammonia industry.

Green ammonia production requires a reimagined supply chain, involving grid infrastructure and collaboration with renewable developers and infrastructure partners.