What responsibility do female leaders have to other women?

16 Nov 2021
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What responsibility do female leaders have to other women?

16 Nov 2021
About the speakers
  • Ivy Ross
    Ivy Ross
    Vice President of Design for Hardware Products at Google
  • Sterling Ingui
    Sterling Ingui
    VP Business Information Security at Fidelity
    Sterling Ingui's experience and passion for engaging customers and launching innovative products to market (B2B & B2C) stem from her prior leadership roles at Fidelity Labs, IBM, American Express and Tiffany & Co. Within Fidelity, Sterling serves on the NC IT Council, NC Women’s Leadership Group Advisory Board, and NC Extended Leadership Team. Outside of Fidelity, she is a mentor for the 2019 Female Founders in Tech, member of the Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership, and Alumni Board Member at Durham Academy.
  • Amber Hall
    Amber Hall
    Strategic Foresight Manager at Wolverine Worldwide
    Amber Hall believes that a thoughtful consumer focus can design and develop products to make the lives of others better. When this video was recorded, she was at Wolverine Worldwide, but recently took up a new position at Kohler. She teaches Design Thinking & Communication course to undergraduate engineering students at Northwestern University.
  • Jenny Price
    Jenny Price
    Director of Innovation Development and Design at Vizient Inc.
    Jenny Price has lead online distributed teams of nearly 100 employees for more than a decade. Creating human centered service designs enabled by technology, transforming the education, design and healthcare industries. As a design facilitation leader for innovation, through case studies learn best practices for how to develop, visualize, and produce transformative new lines of business based on members’ needs.

Key takeaways

Female leaders ask different questions and look through different lenses.

Mentoring does not apply only to junior colleagues but also should take place for other female peers.

Encouraging other women not only by mentoring but also by empowering them with advocacy through an organization is crucial. And that would take them much further.

Building a network of other supportive female professionals is an important step on a women's career path.