Retiring coal: the Kwinana big battery project

07 Mar 2023
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Retiring coal: the Kwinana big battery project

07 Mar 2023
About the speaker
  • Jason Froud has more than a decade of experience in senior leadership roles in the Western Australian energy sector and 25 years’ experience in government relations and advocacy. As General Manager of Strategy Acceleration at Synergy, Jason is driving the execution of Synergy's corporate strategy as it leads Western Australia's transition to a sustainable energy future. He also is responsible for building and maintaining key stakeholder relationships. He was the project lead for Synergy’s Kwinana Battery Energy Storage System project from inception to final investment decision.

Key takeaways

Plans to construct wind generation and battery storage will retire coal-fired generators, reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2030 in the southwest interconnected system.

The large battery being built at the former Kwinana Power Station, showcases the co-location of new and old technologies.

Overcoming challenges and transitioning to renewable energy is crucial for meeting emission reduction goals by 2050 and necessitates a step-by-step approach.