Secure banking futures - Best practices in risk management for a digital era

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Secure banking futures - Best practices in risk management for a digital era

About the speaker
  • Hanna Sarraf
    Hanna Sarraf
    Senior Risk Executive at Banking
    Hanna Sarraf is a seasoned senior risk executive with over 25 years of experience in developing and implementing effective risk management strategies and frameworks in the financial services industry. Throughout his career, he served as the Chief Risk Officer at Starling Bank International, the Group Chief Risk Officer at Bankmed and the Head of Risk Strategy at the Bank of Ireland Group. Prior to this, Hanna held leadership roles in global consulting firms including Ernst & Young, KPMG, and Accenture, both within the UK and on a global scale. Hanna holds a Specialised Master’s degree in Financial Engineering from the École Supérieure des Sciences Économiques et Commerciales (ESSEC) and an MSc in Finance from Dauphine University in France. He has authored many articles on financial risk management and is a frequent speaker at leading UK and international conferences.

Key takeaways

1. In an age of continued uncertainty, disruption, and constant change, how risk management is transforming in terms of its role, remit, and capability?

2. What value-creating initiatives should banks prioritise today to ensure they continue to survive and thrive in turbulent times?

3. Given recent turmoil in the banking sector and uncertainties ahead, how is the market likely to differentiate high-performing banks in the future?