Siemens Mobility: enhancing rail with cutting edge technology

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Siemens Mobility: enhancing rail with cutting edge technology

About the speaker
  • Raphaelle Guerineau
    Raphaelle Guerineau
    Chief Executive Officer at Siemens Mobility Australia and New Zealand
    Raphaelle Guerineau is a renowned leader in the rail industry, currently serving as the CEO of Siemens Mobility in Australia and New Zealand. With over 17 years of international experience in the rail industry, she has held several key positions in Siemens Mobility and Alstom. Raphaelle's international career started with Orange in France. She moved to Singapore and worked as a Strategy Manager then Project Manager for Alstom before joining Siemens Mobility in Singapore, where she served as Head of Tendering then Head of Project Execution. She moved to Australia in 2018 where she was first in charge of the Siemens Mobility Product Business in the Asia Pacific region before taking the role of CEO in 2019. Her expertise in the rail industry has been honed across the world, from her native France to Singapore, and ultimately to Australia. Raphaelle is passionate about promoting gender equality and helping to attract more women into the rail industry. She believes that having a diverse workforce is critical to the success of the rail sector and works to encourage women to pursue careers in the rail industry. Member of the Monash Institute of Railway Technology’s (IRT) Industry Advisory Board (IAB).

Key takeaways

Leveraging advanced rail technologies like ETCS enables a safer and more efficient increase in rail capacity

Automatic Train Protection (ATP) systems, such as ETCS, CBTC, and PTC, enhance railway safety by automating critical control functions and intervening in emergencies

Introducing digitalization and smart technologies in maintenance practices reduces cost, minimizes environmental impact, and optimizes resource availability