One fintech's mission to tackle the inequality gap

06 Jul 2021
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One fintech's mission to tackle the inequality gap

06 Jul 2021
About the speaker
  • Stuart Sopp
    Stuart Sopp
    CEO at Current
    Stuart Sopp is the CEO and Founder of Current, a leading U.S. based challenger bank, which serves people traditionally overlooked by the banking industry. From 1999 - 2014 he spent his career developing and trading financial systems at Morgan Stanley, Citi and Deutsche. He started Current after recognizing that the growing inequality gap could be addressed through innovation in technology to improve financial outcomes for everyone.

Key takeaways

It's an attempt to increase financial inclusion through challenger banking, and fighting systemic wealth inequality.

Stuart Sopp says they have created a different way to bank that looks out for those living from paycheck to paycheck in the US.

Normal incentives - interest rates - don't work for people who live paycheck-to-paycheck.

"The Current Core, our custom-built banking technology, makes this possible by providing greater stability, faster money and cost efficiencies that we pass on to our community of members."