The [Carbon] A Team - Tying it all together from A1-A5

27 Sep 2023
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The [Carbon] A Team - Tying it all together from A1-A5

The [Carbon] A Team - Tying it all together from A1-A5

27 Sep 2023
About the speakers
  • Mike Bahr
    Mike Bahr
    Sustainability Engineer at Turner Construction Company
    Mike is responsible for helping clients achieve their sustainability goals by implementing efforts in embodied carbon, material selection, hybrid & electric equipment, and other sustainability initiatives. Mike is a leader in embodied carbon and understands the challenges that need to be overcome in sustainability, piloting efforts to track across all A-stages of a building’s lifecycle including best practices for A4 emissions. Mike has led sustainability implementation on over 4,000,000 sf of certified green building space, covered LEED, WELL and Living Building Challenge programs. Mike is also a member of the Market Leadership Advisory Board for USGBC Iowa. Prior to his full-time sustainability role, Mike worked as a project manager and engineer across diverse projects including health care, high-rise, multi-family, historical renovation, adaptive reuse & tenant improvement. These past experiences provide Mike with valuable knowledge of the challenges and opportunities the construction industry has ahead as it continues to push towards a more sustainable, just future.
  • Vaclav Hasik, PhD
    Vaclav Hasik, PhD
    Program Director for North America at Building Transparency
    Vaclav Hasik is a Program Director at Building Transparency, a non-profit organization behind the EC3 Tool, tallyLCA, and tallyCAT. Vaclav works on methodology, data quality, and LCA research supporting all three tools. Vaclav was previously a sustainability analyst and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) expert at Urban Fabrick, where he managed projects pursuing LEED certification and helped design teams address embodied carbon through whole-building LCAs. Vaclav also worked as a researcher at the University of Pittsburgh, where he was involved in university-wide carbon accounting, sustainability planning, and research on data and methods for LCA of buildings. He is an active member of the Carbon Leadership Forum and a founder of its San Francisco Bay Area hub.
  • Bill Hassel
    Bill Hassel
    Data Center Program Sustainability Manager at Turner Construction Company
    Bill Hassel is the Sustainability Program Manager for all of Turner Construction's mission critical and technology projects. With over two decades of industry experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. He's been involved in various aspects of design and construction, including general contracting field supervision, owning his own specialty interior construction business, and working as a third-party sustainability consultant. Bill is responsible for developing and executing sustainability programs for major technology clients. He focuses on pilot programs and Net Zero goals, as well as maintaining oversight of LEED execution. As a subject-matter expert in sustainable design and construction, Bill supports teams nationwide in achieving sustainability targets. He's constantly seeking ways to apply emerging technologies and champion new approaches in the field of sustainability. Bill is certified in LEED, WELL, Living Future, and Envision, demonstrating his commitment to sustainable practices. He holds a bachelor's degree in Construction Management and an MBA from the University of Florida. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard's Extension School. Beyond his professional commitments, Bill has a strong personal passion for sustainability and the outdoors. He embraces a healthy lifestyle and is an avid reader, snowboarder, kitesurfer, and hiker.
  • Rowan Parris
    Rowan Parris
    Embodied Carbon Program Manager at Turner Construction Company
    Rowan Parris is Turner Construction's Embodied Carbon Program Manager. She supports projects seeking to reduce the use of carbon-intensive materials through the development of collaborative processes and highly informed decision-making to integrate carbon into Turner's value management services. Before transitioning into this role Rowan worked as an Estimator, which provided a strong foundation in preconstruction and inspired her drive to have a positive impact on projects before they ever break ground and set them up early for success and sustainability. Prior to Turner, she graduated from Appalachian State University with both a BS in Building Sciences: Sustainable Building Systems and then later with a MS in Sustainable Technology. When she's not working in the Built Environment, Rowan prefers to enjoy her time outdoors and making progress on her section hike of the Appalachian Trail.

Key takeaways

Describe the challenges faced by project teams aiming to identify and reduce the full A1-A5 scope of upfront embodied carbon on their projects.

Summarize best practices and strategies for overcoming these challenges in cross-disciplinary project teams.

Differentiate between tools available to facilitate tracking different A-stage carbon emissions phases and the project team roles best suited to champion their reduction.

Assess the relative impacts of different A-stage emissions phases on a project's overall carbon footprint, based on consistent methodology throughout the design and construction process.