The East Kimberley clean energy project

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The East Kimberley clean energy project

About the speaker
  • Rob Grant
    Rob Grant
    Managing Director - Head of Projects at Pollination Group
    For 25 years, Rob has been personally and professionally passionate about advocating for and delivering climate change abatement and clean energy policy, regulation, projects investments, businesses and industries. His professional career includes roles as Director Energy at Fortescue Metals Group responsible for the company’s energy and green hydrogen businesses; Chair of the Clean Energy Investor Group; Senior Vice President Clean Power and Vice President Capital for SNC-Lavalin in Asia Pacific and for 18 years until July 2014 helped position Pacific Hydro as Australia's most successful and dynamic international clean energy utility. Rob holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and has completed an MBA and Master of Applied Finance at Melbourne and Macquarie Universities.

Key takeaways

The East Kimberley Clean Energy Project innovatively places traditional owners as majority shareholders, not just stakeholders.

Leveraging the region's abundant solar energy and existing hydropower, the project is set for large-scale hydrogen and ammonia production.

Rob Grant, from Pollination Group, stresses the crucial need for a rapid and well-planned energy transition to effectively decarbonize economies.