The Electric Grid is Changing Fast, So Must Our Buildings!

29 Sep 2023Greenbuild 2023
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The Electric Grid is Changing Fast, So Must Our Buildings!

The Electric Grid is Changing Fast, So Must Our Buildings!

29 Sep 2023Greenbuild 2023
About the speakers
  • Henry Richardson
    Henry Richardson
    Senior Analyst at WattTime
    As an analyst at WattTime, Henry helps WattTime's partners and collaborators understand how they can affect the electric grid and achieve the greatest reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, whether through location-based renewables siting or automated emissions reductions. Henry specializes in impact carbon accounting, including emissions-focused load shifting, energy storage integration, and renewables siting. Henry received his B.A. in Architecture from UC Berkeley.
  • Edie	Taylor
    Edie Taylor
    Senior Associate at RMI
    I am a senior associate in the carbon-free buildings program at RMI, working on decarbonization policy across multiple states and internationally. When it comes to grid harmonization, I have been analyzing impacts and organizing pilot projects for RMI, identifying best practices for implementing these key decarbonization measures into as many buildings as possible! We are working closely with utilities and grid operators to help monetize the benefits and create a better system financial flows between buildings and the grid such that the business case for grid harmonization is optimized.
  • Brian Turner
    Brian Turner
    Partner at CMTA Engineers
    Brian Turner, PE, LEED AP, has been designing Zero Energy buildings since 2008 and has provided electrical designs for a diverse array of high-performance projects. In addition to design and project management, he has performed the energy modeling for many of his projects to help inform design and optimize various building systems for nominal performance and value. His interests include high performance systems strategies for challenging climates, renewable energy trends and the future of energy storage and delivery. In 2021, Brian moved to California to help establish CMTA’s west coast operations. Brian is a strong believer that making zero carbon strategies affordable is the key to successfully navigating our climate challenges. When combined with various existential threats such as artificial intelligence and engineered pandemic, he wonders whether each ton of carbon saved today could be worth countless lives of future human potential.
  • Nathan Vader
    Nathan Vader
    Senior Environmental Designer at Atelier Ten
    As a Senior Environmental Designer at Atelier Ten, Nathan is an expert in sustainable and high performance building design. Nathan is a Professional Engineer (PE) and his work has been integral to developing Atelier Ten’s approach to analyzing and designing around carbon emissions. Nathan continues to push decarbonization efforts on various large-scale projects on the east coast and enables the projects to reduce carbon emissions more holistically.

Key takeaways

- Identify the challenges of seasonal grid balancing of renewable energy sources and how buildings can help rather than further contribute to grid mismatch.

- Explain the best practices for communicating the value of grid harmonization in building operations to various key stakeholders.

- Explain the challenges of electrification in winter climates and the rising need for grid responsiveness.

- Demonstrate the strategies for overcoming the challenges of implementing continuous load control in commercial building HVAC to achieve emissions reductions.