Top talent trends in a disrupted world

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Top talent trends in a disrupted world

About the speaker
  • Lucy Adams
    Lucy Adams
    CEO of HR Disrupted at BBC
    After occupying senior HR positions across diverse sectors, including her recent role at the BBC, Lucy Adams established Disruptive HR. Her discontent with the dearth of innovation and original perspectives in the field motivated her to explore novel approaches to longstanding challenges. Currently, she spearheads the agency, guiding HR Directors and business leaders to adopt alternative strategies. Renowned for her bestselling book 'HR: Disrupted,' Lucy also captivates audiences as a sought-after keynote speaker, addressing the intricacies of leading people in an ever-changing world.

Key takeaways

Companies are looking to be more agile, productive, collaborative and innovative with their talent.

The consumerisation of the talent landscape is a crucial new development, making HR more personal and human.

Experimentation is okay. To achieve lofty ambitions a company mustn't be scared to try out new approaches in an agile way.