Transformational innovation: A roundtable series

18 Jul 2023
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Transformational innovation: A roundtable series

18 Jul 2023
About the speakers
  • Seth Adler
    Seth Adler
    Head, IMI Media at Informa
  • Cherie Leonard
    Cherie Leonard
    Head of North America Insights at Colgate-Palmolive
    Cherie’s passion for insights stems from connecting the dots and weaving them together across people, culture and brands. In her current role, she is focused on driving a deeper people-centric mindset through Insights; identifying future-focused opportunities for growth, championing disruptive category innovation and creating a deeper omnichannel grounding throughout the team. Previously, she held a variety of Global and North America Oral Care roles at CP. Cherie earned an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Analytics & Insights, with prior insights experience in CPG, hospitality and retail.
  • Sudha Ranganathan
    Sudha Ranganathan
    Director Marketing & Talent Solutions at LinkedIn
    Sudha has 17+ years of experience in marketing organizations at companies like P&G, Nielsen and PayPal. She has a strong track record as a leader and coach who develops high performing, psychologically safe teams. For the past 6+ years, Sudha has worked on LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions business which helps employers across the world hire and develop strong talent. Sudha has a passion for the Talent category and especially for codifying and unpacking how talent recruitment, development and retention will evolve in the future of work.
  • Prapti Jha
    Prapti Jha
    Design Strategy & Research | Design Thinking & Innovation at Havard
    Prapti is a strategist and researcher at the Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health. In her current role, she leverages behavioral design to catalyze human-centered and systemic solutions to advance the health and well-being of people at the grassroots level. She specializes in driving interdisciplinary teams to develop experiences and strategic solutions backed by research and accelerated by design methods and tools.She has nine years of experience in working with organizations across multiple industries. Her experience includes working as an Innovation Catalyst at Ford Motor Company, where she helped multidisciplinary teams across departments to re-imagine the mobility space. She also worked as a Senior Design Strategist at Cisco Systems, where she focused on humanizing and democratizing the cybersecurity space.Prapti has co-founded We Speak Innovation, through which she has spoken to organizations and people globally in multiple industries about design-led innovation. She believes that at the heart of it, all is the focus on people - our behavior, motivations, and all the little quirks that make us human.
  • Harsh Wardhan
    Harsh Wardhan
    Innovation Lead, Design Strategist at Google
  • Leslie Shannon
    Leslie Shannon
    Head of Ecosystem and Trend Scouting at Nokia
    Leslie Shannon is the Head of Trend and Innovation Scouting for Nokia. A Silicon Valley-based futurist, she focuses on identifying tech disruptions and opportunities for Nokia and its customers, including 5G-powered developments in robotics, drones, visual analytics, cloud gaming, and especially augmented and virtual reality, the foundations of the Metaverse. Leslie has a BA from the University of Virginia, a Master’s Degree from Yale University, and was a five-time champion on Jeopardy!. She has written Interconnected Realities, a study of the Metaverse’s purpose, and does all her daily fitness work in virtual reality.
  • Oscar Barranco Liebana
    Oscar Barranco Liebana
    Integrated Operations Platform Director, Integrated Operations Platform Department, Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy at FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar
    Oscar’s passion is rethinking the very foundations of the reality through the recombination of philosophy, technology, nature, business and science in order to build new expressions of collective intelligence. To do this, we must deconstruct management limitations, unfollow market trends, challenge society’s dogmas or disrupt our own mental inertia in order to create innovation value that addresses business, government or human challenges to construct a better path towards the future. He is currently Integrated Operations Platform Director in the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC), governmental organization in charge of delivering FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022tm. His main responsibility is to provide advanced operational intelligence and a common operating picture, through an integrated and augmented intelligence platform, in order to optimize FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022tm and Host Country operations from the National Command Center. During the last 9 years, he has managed innovation with the goal to deliver an amazing tournament, addressing unique challenges through multiple innovation management approaches or across a dynamic national innovation ecosystem. He has contributed to the transformation of the SC innovation portfolio into unique phygital fan experiences; digitalization of critical operations; world-class smart city, smart transport or smart tourism operations through AI and emergent technologies; or effective national collaboration through the creation of the Qatar Innovation Community, amongst others. Oscar has over 23 years of experience in innovation, technology and strategy across different industries and executive roles. Previously, he worked in Germany as R&D manager and engineer in the aerospace, MEMs, nanotechnology or automotive industries. As Innovation Director in the Spanish government, he created and developed multi-billion strategies to build and accelerate regional innovation systems. He was Managing Director of a Spanish innovation and strategy management consultancy and founder of several technology start-ups. He has a Global Executive MBA with honors from IE Business School, MSc Microsystems & Mechanical Engineering, MIT REAP, member of Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Society and is an expert meditator.
  • Milan Ivosevic
    Milan Ivosevic
    VP of R&D and Innovations at CooperSurgical
    Milan Ivosevic is currently serving as Worldwide VP of R&D and Innovation at CooperSurgical, an industry leader in fertility and women’s health. Milan is MedTech leader and innovator with over 50 medical device patents, new products, and contributions in the fields of drug delivery, blood collection, digital innovations, robotic surgery and assisted reproductive biotechnologies. He is an innovation practitioner and corporate entrepreneur with expertise in advance product development and technology commercialisation. Milan has cross-disciplinary background in both business and engineering including extensive professional experience ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Nevada Sanchez is the co-founder and VP of Core Technology at Butterfly Network, Inc. where he developed the Ultrasound-on-Chip technology behind the Butterfly iQ, the world's first handheld whole-body ultrasound system. In 2010, Nevada graduated from MIT with a dual Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and Mathematics and a minor in Physics. In 2011, Nevada received a Master of Engineering in EECS, where he developed computational hardware and software for a novel radio telescope concept for imaging the early universe. Nevada is also a Hertz fellow, Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, and has been granted over 70 patents.
  • With over 20 years of diverse experience in the healthcare industry, Angelina is driven by a deep passion for enhancing patient outcomes through groundbreaking innovations. From her early days in the laboratory at Roche to her role as a management consultant specialising in strategy, deals, and transformation for Fortune 100 pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic companies, and startups, she has cultivated a wealth of expertise. Additionally, Angelina spent time in strategic innovation at a leading healthcare organisation, Optum/UnitedHealth Group.

Key takeaways

To successfully innovate, it's crucial to adopt a people-centric approach prioritising the needs of individuals both within and outside the business.

Sharing and continuously discussing a vision increases the likelihood of success by keeping it top of mind for stakeholders and incorporating feedback.

Cross-industry collaboration and expanding problem-solving approaches beyond one's own domain leads to greater versatility and efficiency.