Unlocking Renewable Gas Opportunities

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Unlocking Renewable Gas Opportunities

About the speaker
  • Jarrod Irving
    Jarrod Irving
    Senior Adviser Renewable Gas Development at AGIG
    With over 12 years of dedicated experience in the energy sector, Jarrod Irving is a seasoned professional committed to advancing complex projects. Their passion lies in driving development, delivery, and enablement across various aspects of the energy industry, with a particular focus on hydrogen and biomethane. Having played a pivotal role in delivering an operational hydrogen hub in NSW and conceptualizing multiple biogas to biomethane facilities in Australia, Jarrod has demonstrated their expertise in project development, feasibility, policy advocacy, and regulatory guidance. Their contributions extend to being a key member of GreenPower's Renewable Gas Certification steering committee.

Key takeaways

Biomethane and hydrogen play pivotal roles in decarbonizing the energy landscape of Queensland.

Hydrogen and biomethane opportunities with the Australian Gas Infrastructure Group, contribute to a sustainable energy future for Australia.

Effective communication involves engaging stakeholders at every level, bridging gaps in understanding, and fostering collaboration for successful project outcomes.