VicGrid's solutions for offshore wind transmission

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VicGrid's solutions for offshore wind transmission

About the speaker
  • Alistair Parker
    Alistair Parker
    Chief Executive Officer at VicGrid
    Alistair is the CEO of VicGrid, which co-ordinates the overarching planning and development of Victorian REZs. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the energy industry, including a decade of senior leadership roles, in the forefront of the energy transition. Alistair’s prior executive employment included various roles at AusNet Services at and the NT Power and Water Corporation, including running AusNet’s three main regulated businesses, driving better safety, cost, customer and reputational outcomes.

Key takeaways

VicGrid engages Gippsland residents to grasp their values and concerns, ensuring fairness and community support for transmission projects.

The Victorian Transmission Investment Framework allows VicGrid to make quick decisions, consider community input, and ensure transparency for future offshore wind projects.