What is Australia's current decarbonisation progress?

20 Feb 2024
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What is Australia's current decarbonisation progress?

20 Feb 2024
About the speaker
  • Michael Myer
    Michael Myer
    Executive Chairman at Sunshine Hydro Pty Ltd
    Michael Myer, a seasoned entrepreneur and advocate for climate action since 1982, now leads Sunshine Hydro to drive deep decarbonization efforts. He combines his expertise in entrepreneurship, investment, and design to create sustainable spaces that honor biodiversity and cultural heritage. With over 50 startups under his belt and significant contributions to organizations like the Myer Foundation, Michael is dedicated to building a better, more equitable world.

Key takeaways

Delays in approving and building renewable projects, especially pumped hydro, pose significant obstacles to meeting decarbonisation targets.

There's a pressing need for more deep energy storage to support the reliability of carbon-free energy supply to vital industries like aluminum, mining, and green steel.

Super-hybrids integrate renewable energy sources with deep energy storage and the production of hydrogen and green methanol to significantly decarbonize the economy.