What is Hybrid finance?

08 Dec 2021
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What is Hybrid finance?

08 Dec 2021
About the speaker
  • Trevor Marshall
    Trevor Marshall
    Chief Technology Officer at Current
    Trevor Marshall is Chief Technology Officer at Current, a leading U.S. financial technology company serving Americans working to create a better future for themselves. A graduate of Columbia University with degrees in math and computer science, Trevor worked on automating trading strategies at Morgan Stanley and built applications on distributed ledger technology before creating the foundation for Current. In 2015, he began building the Current Core, Current’s proprietary banking technology, which provides stability, faster money and cost savings that are passed onto customers, and allows Current to provide experiences that cannot exist on traditional banking infrastructures.

Key takeaways

The centralised and decentralised networks are brought together in hybrid finance.

Traditional networks are valued for their perceived security and the convenience of reaching a regulated institution.

Retail investors have more access than institutional investors due to the openness given by decentralised networks.

Hybrid finance strives to engage customers seamlessly through reputable entities by combining the values given by centralised and decentralised networks.