What the World Cup can tell us about innovation and mega events

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What the World Cup can tell us about innovation and mega events

About the speaker
  • Oscar Barranco Liebana
    Oscar Barranco Liebana
    Integrated Operations Platform Director, Integrated Operations Platform Department, Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy at FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar
    Oscar’s passion is rethinking the very foundations of the reality through the recombination of philosophy, technology, nature, business and science in order to build new expressions of collective intelligence. To do this, we must deconstruct management limitations, unfollow market trends, challenge society’s dogmas or disrupt our own mental inertia in order to create innovation value that addresses business, government or human challenges to construct a better path towards the future. He is currently Integrated Operations Platform Director in the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC), governmental organization in charge of delivering FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022tm. His main responsibility is to provide advanced operational intelligence and a common operating picture, through an integrated and augmented intelligence platform, in order to optimize FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022tm and Host Country operations from the National Command Center. During the last 9 years, he has managed innovation with the goal to deliver an amazing tournament, addressing unique challenges through multiple innovation management approaches or across a dynamic national innovation ecosystem. He has contributed to the transformation of the SC innovation portfolio into unique phygital fan experiences; digitalization of critical operations; world-class smart city, smart transport or smart tourism operations through AI and emergent technologies; or effective national collaboration through the creation of the Qatar Innovation Community, amongst others. Oscar has over 23 years of experience in innovation, technology and strategy across different industries and executive roles. Previously, he worked in Germany as R&D manager and engineer in the aerospace, MEMs, nanotechnology or automotive industries. As Innovation Director in the Spanish government, he created and developed multi-billion strategies to build and accelerate regional innovation systems. He was Managing Director of a Spanish innovation and strategy management consultancy and founder of several technology start-ups. He has a Global Executive MBA with honors from IE Business School, MSc Microsystems & Mechanical Engineering, MIT REAP, member of Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Society and is an expert meditator.

Key takeaways

"The more perspectives you interact with, the more value you create in the innovation process."

A core pillar of the World Cup was to ensure the event was carbon neutral.

Regulations, plans and core processes were rewritten to deliver on Qatar's World Cup sustainability goals.