Why we need more women in the boardroom...and how to do it

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Why we need more women in the boardroom...and how to do it

About the speaker
  • Fiona Hathorn
    Fiona Hathorn
    CEO at WB directors
    Fiona is the CEO of Women on Boards UK (WB Directors), advisory panel member for the FRC, advisor to Peel Hunt (mid-cap stockbroker) and was Chair of Hanx's Nominations Committee (FMCG start-up). She is an expert in the areas of Governance, Regulation and Talent Management who has sat on both marketing and audit & finance committees (investment oversight expert). Additionally Fiona is an advisory board member for Kings College London's Global Institute for Women. Formerly Fiona was a director for Old Mutual Asset Management and Hill Samuel Asset Management, running the Global Equities and Emerging Markets Desks respectively. In the past Fiona has advised the board of the Thai Euro Fund (listed Investment Trust) and been the Director responsible for Pension Fund asset allocation at Old Mutual Asset Management.

Key takeaways

Diversity drives performance: Research shows diverse boards tend to outperform in profits, share prices and drive better decision-making

Transparent role advertising levels the playing field and allow true diversity to be fostered.

Increased efforts are still required to progress diversity, not only by sex but by ethnicity, international representation and socio-economic background.