How your small business can make a big social impact

22 Feb 2024
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How your small business can make a big social impact

22 Feb 2024
About the speaker
  • Esther Foreman
    Esther Foreman
    The Social Agency
    Esther Foreman is an effective systemic social change agent, entrepreneur, coach and campaigner. Since co-founding the Graduate Journal of Social Science while studying charisma and leadership in cults at the LSE, she has been interested in using innovation to tackle social justice. She has spent over 15 years working in the not-for-profit sector, helping larger charities build campaigning movements for positive change. After she undertook the Clore Social Leadership programme in 2011, she founded the Social Change Agency. She takes a non-sector-specific approach to building movements for disruption, creating space for innovation, stronger networks and resilient organisations. She works with a wide variety of organisations, bringing together talent and insight from a range of associates to solve social problems.

Key takeaways

Social justice and social impact are intrinsically linked - you can't have one without the other.

'Small actions can have huge impact' - as an SME, so you shouldn't feel powerless to act.

The S in ESG is paramount in 2024, and upholds both the E and the G.