Crypto Canvas - CBDCs & the challenges of replacing cash

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Crypto Canvas - CBDCs & the challenges of replacing cash

About the speaker
  • Dr Anette Broløs
    Dr Anette Broløs
    Director Co-founder at Finthropology
    Anette is an experienced speaker, facilitator, and network leader working with strategic innovation, open finance and partnerships.. Anette has extensive work experience in financial innovation including six years as CEO in Copenhagen FinTech Innovation and Research. She is the author of several reports and blogs on financial services and inclusion. She holds an industrial PhD in collaborative innovation and has a background in economics. She is an EwPN Research Network Co-Lead.

Key takeaways

What are the primary challenges associated with the widespread adoption of digital currencies as a replacement for traditional cash in everyday transactions? 

How do you foresee regulatory hurdles impacting the transition from cash to digital currencies, especially considering concerns around anonymity, security, and financial stability? 

In the context of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), what technical challenges need to be addressed to ensure scalability, interoperability, and security in comparison to traditional cash systems? 

How do you assess the potential societal impacts of phasing out physical cash in favour of CBDCs or cryptocurrencies, particularly concerning financial inclusion, privacy, and control over personal finances? 

What strategies can be employed to address the challenge of user adoption and trust in transitioning from cash to digital currencies, especially considering factors like technological literacy, accessibility, and cultural norms?