Do patents help or harm innovation?

31 Jul 2023
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Do patents help or harm innovation?

31 Jul 2023
About the speaker
  • Milan Ivosevic
    Milan Ivosevic
    VP of R&D and Innovations at CooperSurgical
    Milan Ivosevic is currently serving as Worldwide VP of R&D and Innovation at CooperSurgical, an industry leader in fertility and women’s health. Milan is MedTech leader and innovator with over 50 medical device patents, new products, and contributions in the fields of drug delivery, blood collection, digital innovations, robotic surgery and assisted reproductive biotechnologies. He is an innovation practitioner and corporate entrepreneur with expertise in advance product development and technology commercialisation. Milan has cross-disciplinary background in both business and engineering including extensive professional experience ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Key takeaways

Inventors are the driver transforming and moving society forward through their creations.

Whether it's updating older tech, or creating new break-through inventions, patents have the potential to be every inventors greatest asset.

Patents should be viewed as a natural outcome of innovation, rather than something to chase in their own right.