Embedded finance: How will it change the game for payments?

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Embedded finance: How will it change the game for payments?

About the speaker
  • Sam Kilmer
    Sam Kilmer
    Managing Director at Cornerstone Advisors
    Sam Kilmer leads Cornerstone Advisors’ fintech advisory practice working with industry providers, fintechs, and investors. He also leads select strategy engagements with banks and credit unions. Sam is a nationally sought-after speaker, industry research author, regular contributor to Cornerstone's blog, GonzoBanker, and moderator of the Fintech Hustle podcast. He is often quoted in industry publications and serves as a judge for Finovate and BAI Global Innovation awards. He is an active member of the Association for Financial Technology (AFT). Prior to Cornerstone, Sam was with two midsize banks and two fintech firms where he provided leadership across diverse areas including digital banking, strategic planning, partnerships, industry outreach, content marketing, system selection and implementation, contract negotiations, merger analysis and integration, and client consulting.

Key takeaways

What is embedded finance?

The opportunities of embedded finance

How customers experience embedded finance and what might they expect in the future

Will traditional banks take part?