Gen Z: The first steps to better financial habits

25 Apr 2022
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Gen Z: The first steps to better financial habits

25 Apr 2022
About the speaker
  • Jurgen Vandenbroucke
    Jurgen Vandenbroucke
    Managing Director at everyoneINVESTED
    Jurgen Vandenbroucke, PhD is managing director at everyoneINVESTED (the wealth tech spin-off of KBC Group), expert general manager at KBC and former head of innovation at KBC Asset Management, Belgium. everyoneINVESTED helps financial institutions to increase digital net sales in investments, without human encouragement. everyoneINVESTED wraps key expertise of applied behavioral finance in software components that make investor engagement and onboarding more effective. Jurgen is also guest lecturer at University of Antwerp, Belgium, on Financial Engineering and research associate at Edhec-Risk Institute, France, in the program “technology, big data and artificial intelligence for investment solutions”.

Key takeaways

Investing in financial literacy has a low return rate unless it's enabled by technology.

Fintech can help by taking digitisation beyond automation.

Encouragement from the crowd you follow on social media is sometimes much more important than expert opinion for the younger generation.

Taking the first step to invest is the most difficult one.