Inside Gen AI: The Fintech Revolution

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Inside Gen AI: The Fintech Revolution

About the speakers
  • Tyler Pathe
    Tyler Pathe
    Reporter at FinTech Futures
    Tyler Pathe is a financial reporter, moderator and investigator with a specific interest in financial technology, banking and the financial industry’s latest innovations. His career has extended to many financial publications and has addressed all facets of industry development. Tyler continues to promote the power of financial understanding heavily throughout all mediums of his work.
  • Jonathan Hall
    Jonathan Hall
    Head of Digital, Commercial & Institutions at NatWest Grou
    Jonathan is a financial services leader with a broad experience profile. Having started his career in consulting he joined Lloyds Banking Group in 2002 and moved with TSB as it demerged from its parent in 2014. Now at NatWest Group he leads the digital agenda for the £7b revenue Commercial & Institutions Franchise. Specialties: C-Suite digital strategy, distribution strategy, digital transformation, ecosystem, APIs, application architecture, channel management, digital change, digital analytics, digital marketing, digital innovation, prototyping, digital product development, product management, customer experience, user experience, human-centred design, multi-channel customer experience, customer journey design and management, lean, scrum, agile, programme management, change management, digital marketing, CRM, martech, retail banking, commercial banking

Key takeaways

How are banks and financial services firms using GenAI both internally among their own staff and externally to improve the customer experience?

Are GenAI-powered chatbots solving customer queries and how can the tech ensure successful outcomes?

How can firms avoid bias with GenAI and who is checking the accuracy of the responses?

Will GenAI ever fully remove the need for the ‘human touch’ in banking?

Will adopting GenAI early give you an edge on the competition or is the tech still in its infancy?

What potential applications of GenAI could we see in the future and how disruptive could the technology be?