Interview with a doctor: Owen Ung on the medical system during COVID

28 Jun 2022
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Interview with a doctor: Owen Ung on the medical system during COVID

28 Jun 2022
About the speaker
  • Owen Ung
    Owen Ung
    Breast and Endocrine Surgeon, Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital and STARS, Professor Faculty of Medicine, Academy of Surgery, University of Queensland and Director at MNHHS Comprehensive Breast Cancer Institute
    Owen Ung is a breast and endocrine surgeon and Director of the Metro North Comprehensive Breast Cancer Institute. He is a committed clinician, educator and researcher. Affiliations: Professor of Surgery, University of Queensland Visiting specialist surgeon at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) and Surgical Treatment and Rehabilitation Service (STARS) Professional representations: Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) – Deputy Chair Health Policy and Advocacy Committee Federal Councillor for the Australian Medical Association (AMA) Director Medical Insurance Australia (MIGA) Director Specialist Services Medical Group (SSMG) President Elect and executive member of Breast Surgery International (BSI) of the international Surgical Society (ISS). Owen has obtained extensive administrative and management experience through his various clinical leadership roles and is active on numerous State and National Committees.

Key takeaways

Australia has experienced a sustained period of recovery which has resulted in an increase in wait times across many healthcare systems.

Australia is blessed to have a world-class health system, and the combination of public and private healthcare really allows it to thrive.

The healthcare service is currently facing a shortage of staff, which is creating a challenge.