Investment potential in disruptive platforms

11 Aug 2021
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Investment potential in disruptive platforms

Investment potential in disruptive platforms

11 Aug 2021
About the speakers
  • Jacob E. Grose
    Jacob E. Grose
    CEO and Founder at Stealth Startup
    Prior to founding Stealth Startup, Jacob was the Investment Manager at BASF Venture Capital. In this role he scouted and led BASF's strategic partnership with EnerG2 Technologies, and was involved in the negotiations, due diligence, and subsequent integration for BASF's acquisition in 2016. Grose's technical background includes a postdoc at Stony Brook University/Brookhaven National Lab in superconducting materials; a Ph.D. in physics from Cornell University with focus on nanotechnology, organic electronics, and electrochemistry; and an A.B. in physics from Harvard.
  • Dina Routhier
    Dina Routhier
    President at nt at Stanley Ventures, Stanley Black & Decker
    Dina's expertise includes venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, strategy, business development, partnerships, financing, valuation, corporate development, market analysis, competitor analysis, deal execution, and negotiation. She was among Global Corporate Venturing's Top 100 Rising Stars in 2019. The Rising Stars represent the top 1% of the Corporate Venture Capital industry.
  • Claudia Reuter
    Claudia Reuter
    Author, 'Yes, You Can Do This! How Women Start Up, Scale Up, and Build the Life They Want" and CEO & Co-founder: Pre-Launch Company at High Alpha
    Prior to her position at High Alpha, Claudia was the General Manager, Americas East, at Techstars. She is currently an Advisory Board Member at GreenFig, and an Editorial Advisory Board Member at Innovation Leader. Reuter is a graduate from the University of Vermont and has completed an executive program in Building, Leading, and Sustaining the Innovative Organisation, from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Key takeaways

"Disruptive platforms have the potential to disrupt existing businesses, while offering opportunities for growth."

Disruptive platforms can help bring lower unit products, as well as more personalised products, to market.

The near-term applications of disruptive platforms can happen today, tomorrow or in the next few years.