Policy and regulatory frameworks for hydrogen adoption

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Policy and regulatory frameworks for hydrogen adoption

About the speaker
  • Kahil Lloyd
    Kahil Lloyd
    Executive Director at Hydrogen, Department of Energy and Public Works (QLD)
    Kahil Lloyd is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in natural resources and environmental policy. As a Director in the Department of Resources, Kahil is actively involved in the Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan. With a background in law and environmental studies, Kahil brings a comprehensive understanding of resource management and policy development to their role. Their expertise and dedication contribute to sustainable and responsible resource development in Queensland.

Key takeaways

Hydrogen policy is crucial for industry development

Queensland is actively spearheading hydrogen initiatives, allocating funds for studies, community engagement, and policy implementation.

Exciting prospects lie ahead, with the integration of renewable hydrogen into the energy mix and the exploration of targets for its use."