Reviving NZ regional rail through community engagement

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Reviving NZ regional rail through community engagement

About the speaker
  • Arnaud Deutsch is a Civil Engineer with over two decades of experience in the planning, delivery, and whole of life management of public assets. He migrated to New Zealand 18 years ago and he is committed to make it the best place on earth. Arnaud has led the development of the business case for New Zealand’s new regional rail fleet. This experience exposed him to the transport challenges faced by communities across New Zealand, in urban and rural areas. Working alongside his clients, he embraced and developed a vison for Regional Rail that is founded on the benefits that equitable transport solutions provide to People. In his current role as Technical Director - Advisory at WSP in Auckland, Arnaud is providing technical leadership and advice on a range of rail projects, including the development of New Zealand's regional rail services. Today Arnaud will share his view on the role regional rail can play in improving the wellbeing of communities in the central part of New Zealand’s north island. .

Key takeaways

Regional rail in New Zealand has suffered from historical underinvestment, leading to a predominantly road-based transportation system.

The revival of regional rail is being driven by local communities, councils, and rural areas, recognizing its importance for equity and decarbonization.

New Zealand is prioritizing zero-emission regional rail to reduce reliance on personal cars and is focusing on building an ecosystem to support long-term operational and maintenance needs.