RISSB: Driving knowledge and innovation in the rail industry

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RISSB: Driving knowledge and innovation in the rail industry

About the speakers
  • Jesse Baker
    Jesse Baker
    General Manager, Innovation & Major Projects at Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB)
    Jesse Baker is a Mechanical Engineer, and a member of the Association of Project Managers. Originally from manufacturing/automotive he moved into the UK railway in 2004, initially in research, and later moving to strategy where his work was concerned with long term development of the railway (time horizons of 30 years +). He joined the RISSB team in 2012 and is now RISSB’s General Manager Innovation and Major Projects working on some very exciting programs to help and support Australia’s railways.
  • Graham has extensive leadership and technical experience in both the public and private sectors having worked internationally in a range of roles within the transport, construction, operations and maintenance fields. Graham currently contributes to the Australian OHS Educational Accreditation Board which enables me to contribute to discussions on future strategic options for Australia.

Key takeaways

Collaboration between organizations like RISSB, ARA, ACRI, and the National Transport Commission is essential for harmonizing and moving the industry forward

Initiatives like harmonizing the rulebook and standardizing rules aim to make rail operations more consistent and efficient

Preserving the wealth of knowledge and expertise held by the aging rail workforce is the biggest challenge in maintaining a strong rail community