So you want to be an innovator?

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So you want to be an innovator?

About the speaker
  • Nevada Sanchez is the co-founder and VP of Core Technology at Butterfly Network, Inc. where he developed the Ultrasound-on-Chip technology behind the Butterfly iQ, the world's first handheld whole-body ultrasound system. In 2010, Nevada graduated from MIT with a dual Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and Mathematics and a minor in Physics. In 2011, Nevada received a Master of Engineering in EECS, where he developed computational hardware and software for a novel radio telescope concept for imaging the early universe. Nevada is also a Hertz fellow, Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, and has been granted over 70 patents.

Key takeaways

The world of innovation brings a certain kind of allure. It's where cutting-edge transformative solutions take shape and exciting discoveries come to life. Yet for aspiring innovators, the pathway to enter this field is still quite ambiguous.

Nevada Sanchez, Co-Founder and VP of Core Technology Engineering at Butterfly Network helps illuminate the path by sharing his personal journey into innovation.