Strategies for closing the digital loop in medication management

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Strategies for closing the digital loop in medication management

About the speakers
  • Amanda Cross
    Amanda Cross
    Aged Care Pharmacist at Monash University
    Amanda Cross is a seasoned clinical consultant pharmacist based in northeast Victoria, Australia. With a diverse background in pharmacy practice, Amanda specializes in patient-facing roles within various healthcare settings. She is deeply committed to enhancing medication safety and continuity of care for patients, leveraging her expertise to deliver quality services such as home medication reviews, residential medication management reviews, and telehealth consultations. Her passion for advancing healthcare technology and improving patient outcomes drives her continuous pursuit of excellence in pharmacy practice.
  • Deborah Hawthorne
    Deborah Hawthorne
    Consultant Pharmacist of the Year 2023
    Deborah Hawthorne is an experienced clinical consultant pharmacist with a strong presence in rural healthcare settings in northeast Victoria, Australia. With a multifaceted career spanning research, patient care, and education, Deborah plays a pivotal role in ensuring medication safety and continuity of care for diverse patient populations. Her work primarily involves collaborating with healthcare teams in GP clinics and aged care facilities to optimize medication management strategies. Deborah's dedication to innovation in healthcare is evident in her proactive approach to leveraging digital technologies and embracing emerging trends to enhance patient outcomes. She is a staunch advocate for effective communication and collaboration across healthcare settings, driving positive change in medication management practices

Key takeaways

Utilizing digital tools is important to streamline services, enhance medication safety, and improve access to healthcare, especially in rural areas.

Effective collaboration across different healthcare settings and stakeholders is crucial for achieving medication safety and continuity.

New roles and professions in healthcare will emerge, driven by technological advancements.