Sustainability-linked bonds: How to drive change through finance

13 Dec 2023
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Sustainability-linked bonds: How to drive change through finance

13 Dec 2023
About the speaker
  • Dan	Winters
    Dan Winters
    Senior Director at GRESB
    Dan is responsible for increasing GRESB’s international scope and impact by engaging institutional investors; expanding GRESB participation among private equity firms, multi-national lenders and REITs; establishing industry partnerships; and driving capital market demand for ESG data. As a representative of GRESB based in the Americas region, Dan covers multiple roles including accelerating market adoption for ESG data; acquiring new GRESB investor members; promoting increased GRESB participation; fulfilling North American speaking engagements; and developing new capital market / product opportunities. He previously served the U.S. Green Building Council as Senior Fellow for Business Strategy and Finance by providing leadership on a range of topics including green bond underwriting guidelines, asset valuation, lender underwriting, business metrics, and capital market dynamics driving LEED adoption. Additional professional experience includes tenures at Russell Real Estate and CBRE along with participation in several start-up technology companies.

Key takeaways

Sustainability-linked bonds link interest rates to company performance on pre-set ESG metrics.

The market for sustainability-linked bonds is currently small but projected to see rapid future growth.

Green bonds fund green projects; sustainability-linked bonds link corporate financing to ESG performance.