Talking Leadership: Things I wish I knew sooner

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Talking Leadership: Things I wish I knew sooner

About the speakers
  • Peter McKenzie
    Peter McKenzie
    CFO at Anticipa Real Estate
    Peter McKenzie is a speaker, executive coach, and CFO whose mission is to help people achieve their full potential by making the workplace a safe place to learn, grow and enjoy. For over 25 years he has worked as a C-Suite leader in the finance, banking, and real estate industries across Europe. He is currently Chief Financial Officer of Anticipa Real Estate, which is owned by Blackstone, one of the world’s largest investment funds with $545 billion under management. Meanwhile, his profile as an international keynote speaker has seen him educate and entertain audiences around the world on in-demand topics such as Courageous Leadership, and the Future of Finance In A World Of Artificial Intelligence. He is a public speaking coach at Spain's prestigious IESE business school and currently lives in Barcelona with his two teenage children and wife.
  • Sanjeev Wadhwa
    Sanjeev Wadhwa
    Founder, President and CEO at Life Singularity
    Sanjeev Wadhwa is the Founder, President and CEO of Life Singularity, an NVIDIA AI Inception startup, building an autonomous, Generative AI-driven, multi-factorial, large-scale human health platform, leveraging millions of computable digital phenotypes for individualized precision health. Life Singularity is building whole-person digital twins and digital communities, for near real-time predictive health driven by Generative AI/VR/Quantum foundation harnessing federated learning of environment, hyper-local consumer behaviors, social determinants of health, and health equity.
  • Sanjeev Loomba
    Sanjeev Loomba
    CEO & Principal Speaker at The Real Potential
    With over thirty years of leading global corporations, transforming hundreds of organisations and thousands of people, these experientially honed methods have brought growth and exceptional results and performance to individuals and businesses, from blue chips like Johnson & Johnson to SMEs.

Key takeaways

Saying "no" can be challenging for some individuals, but it becomes liberating with maturity and experience.

Maintaining focus can enable leaders to effectively manage their lives and avoid being overwhelmed by an excessive workload.