The metaverse: How will it change financial services?

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The metaverse: How will it change financial services?

About the speaker
  • Barb Maclean
    Barb Maclean
    SVP, Head of Technology Operations and Implementation at Coastal Community Bank
    Barb MacLean is a fintech expert and speaker who has a passion for APIs, data and payments. She has recently joined Coastal Community Bank as the head of technology operations and implementation, where she will oversee the bank's digital transformation and innovation. Before that, she worked at Celero Solutions for over 21 years, where she held various roles such as vice president of integration and analytics. She is a proud Canadian and has a global perspective on fintech. She is a salt & vinegar chip connoisseur, your phone-a-friend for Star Wars trivia & karaoke buddy. Check out her weekly Fintech Playlist 💿 on LinkedIn.

Key takeaways

A definition of the metaverse

Applications of the metaverse within the finance sector and other industries

Implementation challenges with special focus on the regulatory environment