Unlocking rail decarbonisation with Australia's carbon market

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Unlocking rail decarbonisation with Australia's carbon market

About the speaker
  • Vivek Dhar
    Vivek Dhar
    Director - Mining and Energy Economist at Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    Vivek Dhar has worked as CBA’s lead mining and energy commodities strategist since late 2014 after working as a junior analyst for 4 years. He provides independent research on base metals, iron ore, coal, oil and LNG markets. More recently, his coverage has expanded to include Australia’s carbon, east-coast gas and electricity markets. Australia’s energy transition has been a growing point of focus in his research. Prior to working at CBA, Vivek interned at Deutsche Bank and Siemens. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Economics) from the University of Melbourne.

Key takeaways

The way people use carbon credits in Australia has changed, and now big polluters have to do more to reduce their emissions

Rail is less carbon intensive, but it’s compliance costs are high because it is larger

The carbon market makes companies want to use cleaner technologies, and this helps make these technologies more common and cheaper for everyone