My big idea to fix wealth inequality

30 Sep 2022
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My big idea to fix wealth inequality

30 Sep 2022
About the speaker
  • Ghela Boskovich
    Ghela Boskovich
    Head of Europe, FDATA at FemTechGlobal™
    Ghela Boskovich is the Head of Europe for the Financial Data and Technology Association; she is also a well-known advocate for improving inclusiveness and diversity in Financial Services. Ghela’s past work was centered on fast-tracking internal innovation and the practical application and comercialisation of fintech/bank collaboration. Currently, she focuses on fostering an ethical data democracy, individual consumer empowerment over their data, data economy disruptive business models, and facilitating banks’ emerging technology consumption. Ghela takes product, service, journey, and business model redesign from initial concept to go-to-market delivery. Her strong regulatory economic background lends an ability to navigate compliance mandates with a commercial angle, as well as identify new commercial opportunities in a rapidly deregulated landscape. She is an evangelist for Open Banking and Finance as a means to nurture Customer Lifetime Value, and transform Financial Services for the greater good.

Key takeaways

Wealth distribution is often about access. Allowing customers more control of their data rights can help increase access to credit.

Data mobility at speed and scale can empower individuals or small businesses to grow.

Open data is supposed to democratise access to services, opening up opportunities for those excluded from banking systems.