Talking Leadership: Can anyone be a leader?

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Talking Leadership: Can anyone be a leader?

About the speakers
  • Vicki Young
    Vicki Young
    Founder and CEO at Nalla Design
    Founder and CEO of Nalla Design, a multi award-winning brand agency delivering brand strategy, visual and verbal identity, digital design and brand activation. We believe that to create real value, today’s brands need to think and act more ‘B2P’ — business to people. This all starts with developing a clear proposition that can engage a core audience. Our superpower lies in the ability to work alongside businesses to distil complex concepts into compelling brands. We partner with ambitious global businesses with diverse stakeholder groups — helping them to refocus, rebrand and scale-up.
  • Petra Edwards
    Petra Edwards
    Head of Learning, Performance & Inclusion at Informa
    Petra acts as Head of Learning, Performance & Inclusion at Informa. Edwards is a seasoned professional, with 20+ years of business experience and 12+ years expertise in developing and delivering learning and development, management and leadership development, performance management and talent strategies, change management, diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives, succession planning, onboarding, organisational development, RoI evaluation, employee engagement, and career coaching.
  • Sanjeev Wadhwa
    Sanjeev Wadhwa
    Founder, President and CEO at Life Singularity
    Sanjeev Wadhwa is the Founder, President and CEO of Life Singularity, an NVIDIA AI Inception startup, building an autonomous, Generative AI-driven, multi-factorial, large-scale human health platform, leveraging millions of computable digital phenotypes for individualized precision health. Life Singularity is building whole-person digital twins and digital communities, for near real-time predictive health driven by Generative AI/VR/Quantum foundation harnessing federated learning of environment, hyper-local consumer behaviors, social determinants of health, and health equity.
  • Dr Anumeha Rai
    Dr Anumeha Rai
    Associate Leadership & Executive Coach
    Dr Anumeha Rai has a Doctorate in Psychology and is visiting faculty at Amity University in Dubai.
  • Nairouz Bader
    Nairouz Bader
    Chief Executive Officer at Envision Partnership
    Nairouz Bader is the CEO at Envision Partnership, a leading global executive search and leadership development with a focus on gender diversity.
  • Mido Chishty
    Mido Chishty
    Chief Marketing Officer at Your Marketing Chief
    Mido Chishty is the CMO at Your Marketing Chief with experience in humanistic STEM leadership, digital transformation, blockchain & the metaverse, and board advisement.
  • Jean Carlos Alonso
    Jean Carlos Alonso
    Executive Director at Santander CIB
    Economist and seasoned banker with over 18 years in global investment banking. Record of building capabilities and risk frameworks to support multi-asset class activity in capital markets with a focus on Latin America and the US. Proven ability to lead changes in a large organization by influencing global teams and balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders. Through MIT MBA, expanded knowledge to include ESG and impact investment approaches. A frequent speaker on banking and valuation-risk topics.
  • Sanjeev Loomba
    Sanjeev Loomba
    CEO & Principal Speaker at The Real Potential
    With over thirty years of leading global corporations, transforming hundreds of organisations and thousands of people, these experientially honed methods have brought growth and exceptional results and performance to individuals and businesses, from blue chips like Johnson & Johnson to SMEs.

Key takeaways

Different leadership skills are needed for different roles - identify the ones important to you and work on acquiring them.

Driven and motivated leaders are more successful as they can harness a greater following.