Unlocking innovation and managing risks in rail

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Unlocking innovation and managing risks in rail

About the speaker
  • Zoltan David
    Zoltan David
    Director (Safety Assurance) at Mage Consulting
    Zoltan is a professional engineering consultant with a strong focus on railways. He has two degrees specific to railway engineering: a bachelor in railway vehicles and a masters in railway systems engineering. He has spent the last decade in a diverse range of engineering roles in the railway industry working on some of the most complex infrastructure, signalling and rolling stock projects internationally and within Australia. He has a good understanding of topics such as vehicle dynamics, track defects, gauging, electrical propulsion systems, RAM and systems engineering. However, in the last seven years he has been predominantly engaged in safety engineering and assurance with a keen interest in complex multi-disciplinary projects, approval of emerging technologies and solving other niche safety-related problems. He founded Mage Consulting in 2022 as a specialist safety engineering consultancy which he has been leading and growing since.

Key takeaways

With new technologies and innovation brings new risks and challenges that rail has to deal with

Skills shortages in the industry can be addressed by fostering innovative projects and providing opportunities for practical application of knowledge

Quantitative tools, like the Australian Rail Risk Model (ARRM), are valuable for risk management and assessing the benefits of control measures