What's it really like to work in sustainability?

08 Jun 2023
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What's it really like to work in sustainability?

08 Jun 2023
About the speaker
  • Ben Wielgus
    Ben Wielgus
    Head of Sustainability at Informa PLC
    Ben is a dedicated sustainability professional who is working hard to make value creation for multiple stakeholders something that business wants to, and can, deliver. He has been shortlisted as the Sustainability Leader of the Year 2023 in the EDIE Awards. Having had 20 years of experience consulting on sustainability strategy in various industries, including consumer goods, retail, banking, construction, government, and others, Ben has developed expertise in strategic commercial intelligence, business modelling, audit, transaction services, and integration advisory. Ben has a particular passion for taking the data and strategies from the sustainability agenda and turning them into stories that leadership can support and that others in the business are inspired by and want to work with.

Key takeaways

Working in sustainability offers opportunities to make a positive impact. But a lot of the day-to-day work is just like any other job!

Among the challenges, persuading others to embrace change is usually a key aspect of the role.

As sustainability becomes mainstream, professionals are increasingly being invited to contribute to the important business decisions.