Why skills based hiring is the future of talent

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Why skills based hiring is the future of talent

About the speaker
  • Sudha Ranganathan
    Sudha Ranganathan
    Director Marketing & Talent Solutions at LinkedIn
    Sudha has 17+ years of experience in marketing organizations at companies like P&G, Nielsen and PayPal. She has a strong track record as a leader and coach who develops high performing, psychologically safe teams. For the past 6+ years, Sudha has worked on LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions business which helps employers across the world hire and develop strong talent. Sudha has a passion for the Talent category and especially for codifying and unpacking how talent recruitment, development and retention will evolve in the future of work.

Key takeaways

Skills-based hiring can increase your talent pool significantly, making hiring faster and more cost-effective.

Methods for measuring candidates' proficiency in various skills need to be established to enable more confident hiring decisions.

Shifting the hiring mindset from experience-based to skill-based will require time and strong leadership.