Unleashing the TikTok generation's potential in the workplace

23 Feb 2023
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Unleashing the TikTok generation's potential in the workplace

23 Feb 2023
About the speaker
  • Bruce Daisley
    Bruce Daisley
    Author, One of the World’s Most Influential Voices on Fixing Workplace Culture and Former VP at Twitter
    Bruce Daisley is one of the UK's most influential voices on fixing work, published in the Washington Post, Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal and The Guardian. His book was a Sunday Times number 1 bestseller, ending 2019 as the UK's top selling business hardback of the year and is now translated into 15 languages. Previously he spent over a decade running Twitter and YouTube (the latter at Google) for Europe, leaving Twitter as its most senior leader outside of the US.   Bruce runs the Apple #1 Business Chart topping podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat on work culture. His second book, Fortitude, discusses how we think about resilience incorrectly.

Key takeaways

Gen Z have high expectations that companies will adapt to new ways of working. Firms need to think about how they make accommodations and adaptations more than ever before.

Young employees are most likely to switch jobs frequently. Failing to offer clear pathways to develop and nurture their talent will likely result in them voting with their feet.

Considering the challenges of returning to the new normal, Gen Z have been quick to adapt and improvise.

Identity is critical to Gen Z, and they want to be proud of who they work for. Organisations will need to place importance on how they articulate their position in the world.