Could marketing be used to change the world?

15 Nov 2022
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Could marketing be used to change the world?

Could marketing be used to change the world?

15 Nov 2022
About the speakers
  • Karen McFarlane
    Karen McFarlane
    CMO at LetterShop
    "Karen McFarlane is a solutions-focused Senior Executive and Board Member with more than 25 years of success across the technology, artificial intelligence, professional services, ecommerce, education, and entertainment industries. For the past 15 years, Karen led Kaye Media Partners, a strategic B2B marketing practice specializing in high-growth startups and innovative ventures. Through a strategic partnership, Karen serves as Chief Marketing Officer of LetterShop, a boutique marketing and creative agency delivering 360 solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. Karen serves on several boards, including GenderIDEAL, Matdun, Leadership & Arts Council, and the American Marketing Association, where she served as President of the New York Chapter for two years, winning eight awards for chapter excellence, and currently sits on AMA's Professional Chapters Council as the Co-Chair of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / Leadership Advisor. In addition, she is a frequent speaker on inclusive marketing and was named most notable in marketing and PR by Crain's Business. In her spare time, you can find Karen mentoring future leaders, building connections for people of color, and writing episodic film and television scripts as part of her new passion project Colossal Work."
  • Mark Harrison
    Mark Harrison
    Founder at Mh3 Collective
    A lifelong volunteer and entrepreneur, Mark Harrison is an experienced marketer and big believer in purpose. Mark is the founder of the Mh3 Collective, including T1, a sponsorship agency that works with impactful brands, and SponsorshipX, a global community of marketing practitioners. In addition, he co-founded the Black Talent Initiative to support the Black community in professional workplaces and Sidekick consulting to provide strategic solutions for businesses. Also, Mark helped launch Humanity, a creative agency for the Human Age, and Park Street Education, a non-profit that works to remove all barriers to children’s education. His community involvement includes being a Board Chair of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto, a Board Member of the CAMH Foundation and an advisor to several ventures, including the Crankworx World Tour, Riff, and NFL Canada. In addition, Mark sits on the Board of Playmaker Capital, a leading digital sports media company. Mark is a recipient of the Harry Jerome Award for Business, announced by the Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA). In addition, his success in marketing over the last thirty years has led him to be the Association of Canadian Advertisers’ 2022 Gold Medal Award winner.

Key takeaways

Marketing is about building relationships and connections with customers. Selling is a consequence of that good relationship.

Authenticity is key. Brands that stand for social causes without changing their internal culture first are more likely to face backlash.

Brands have more money than charities, but charities can create a more significant impact. The combination of both can be a recipe for changing the world.

Consistency when communicating values is essential for companies not to be seen as opportunistic when jumping into the conversation.