CSRD and mounting corporate regulations in Europe

29 Feb 2024
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CSRD and mounting corporate regulations in Europe

29 Feb 2024
About the speaker
  • Sarah Moneypenny
    Sarah Moneypenny
    Founder at UK SustainAbility
    Sarah Moneypenny is the founder of UK SustainAbility, a specialist environmental consultancy that helps SMEs to embed ESG goals into their strategy and their practice. Over the course of ten years at McKinsey & Company, Sarah developed extensive expertise in advising some of the world's largest and most challenging-to-decarbonise companies on sustainability and strategic initiatives. She’s been involved with clients across a range of industries from oil and gas to retail and hospitality. Beyond her consulting career, she played a pivotal role in establishing an award-winning social impact venture that secured over £250,000 in seed funding. Sarah's commitment to sustainability is rooted in a Biology degree from Durham University.

Key takeaways

ISSB and CSRD regulations both encourage scope 3 emissions reporting, which will implicate SMEs if they are in the value chain of larger companies.

The earlier SMEs start to prepare the better, especially when it comes to data collection, which is at the core of any reporting initiative.

The opportunities outweigh the risks with these regulations - you don't want to risk getting dropped by a company you are working with!