Master P on how hip hop and corporate America can help each other

21 Jan 2022
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Master P on how hip hop and corporate America can help each other

21 Jan 2022
About the speaker
  • Percy Miller
    Percy Miller
    Music mogul, businessman & philanthropist at No Limit Records
    Percy Miller aka Master P is an entrepreneurial businessman, philanthropist, music mogul, producer and entertainer. He is the founder of No Limit Records selling over 100 million units worldwide independently. Miller is Founder and CEO of P. Miller Enterprises, establishing himself as a savvy businessman with a range of investments and interests beyond music. Percy Miller is a serial entrepreneur and believes ownership is the way to success. He created numerous products and brands such as Uncle P rice, pancake mix and syrup; Icon Noodles and potato chips; LA Great Beverages; Moneyatti clothing and shoes; Master Clean Life household cleaning products; television shows and movies. In addition, he has played for two NBA teams: Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Raptors. He encourages others to own and have control over their careers and, ultimately, their livelihoods. His most important endeavor is philanthropy; he founded the Team Hope Foundation, servicing at-risk youth and senior citizens in communities across the US.

Key takeaways

Products today are sold through hip hop culture and the artists and influencers born from it.

The communities from which hip hop originated have $1.3 trillion in spending power. Corporate America needs to pay attention.

Shareholders need to think untraditionally if they want to expand their brands and grow.

African American communities building their own legacy companies will bridge the gap between Corporate America and Hip hop culture, so everyone can win.

"Product outweighs talent. If you're going to have longevity you have to create product."

"Be great at one thing, but be good at many things that you're passionate about."