Meet the chief operating officer: Jeneanne Ballos

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Meet the chief operating officer: Jeneanne Ballos

About the speaker
  • Jeneanne Ballos
    Jeneanne Ballos
    COO at Digital River Media
    Jeneanne is an accomplished, results-driven Leader of Operations, Services, and Project Management with multi-industry expertise in directing cross-functional teams to plan and deliver large, highly complex projects, programs, and new technology solutions to clients in diverse industries. Jeneanne is the COO of Digital River Media, a content marketing and digital agency headquartered in Cleveland. We believe brands and consumers want the same thing—to create/consume engaging content that reflects their own interests and expertise, beliefs and values. We empower brands with strategy and consumers with content to create common ground and foster meaningful relationships.

Key takeaways

The Chief Operating Officer role is strategic and involves understanding company operations and goals.

Communication and empathy are critical for a COO.

Focus on learning, community support, and perseverance matters when becoming a COO.