Starling Bank CEO Anne Boden: 'My curiosity has guided me'

08 Aug 2022
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Starling Bank CEO Anne Boden: 'My curiosity has guided me'

08 Aug 2022
About the speaker
  • Anne Boden
    Anne Boden
    Founder & CEO at Starling Bank
    Anne Boden is the founder and CEO of Starling Bank, a leading UK digital bank which has opened three million customer accounts. She founded Starling in 2014 after a global career in financial services and with the aim of giving people a fairer, smarter and more human alternative to the banks of the past. Starling offers personal, small business, joint, teen, euro and dollar accounts alongside a child card and a range of lending products. It also provides B2B software, banking and payments services through its Software-as-a-Service and Banking-as-a-Service models based on the proprietary technology platform it uses to power its own bank. The Starling Marketplace offers customers in-app access to a selection of third party financial services. Headquartered in London, it has offices in Southampton, Cardiff and Dublin. Anne is a computer scientist by training and Fintech industry thought-leader; her book, Banking on It: how I disrupted the industry, is a first-hand account on how she founded Starling.

Key takeaways

"I never really believed the banks were making the best of all the money they were spending, and in 2014, decided I could do better."

If you don't get along with your boss try and find a different one - careers are for enjoying.

Founders bear the burden of responsibility in a new business but that responsibility is also an honour.

Once you start a company that aims to challenge or disrupt existing industries there's no going back.

Banking has a social responsibility. Try to improve people's financial lives.