Why women need to be strong mentors

05 Jul 2021
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Why women need to be strong mentors

Why women need to be strong mentors

05 Jul 2021
About the speaker
  • Amber Hall
    Amber Hall
    Strategic Foresight Manager at Wolverine Worldwide
    Amber Hall believes that a thoughtful consumer focus can design and develop products to make the lives of others better. When this video was recorded, she was at Wolverine Worldwide, but recently took up a new position at Kohler. She teaches Design Thinking & Communication course to undergraduate engineering students at Northwestern University.

Key takeaways

Seeing people who look like you in leadership is inspirational.

'There is no shortage of data, the more diversity you have in leadership or an organisation the better innovation outcome.'

Try different roles to gain broad experience when you're younger

Being flexible and open to unexpected opportunities is key to growing in leadership