Is being a cutting-edge leader only for the young?

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Is being a cutting-edge leader only for the young?

About the speaker
  • Onyi Anyado
    Onyi Anyado
    Founder at Onyi Anyado Media House
    Onyi Anyado is a globally recognised entrepreneur, author, and life coach who has earned numerous awards. He conducts workshops, presentations, and coaching sessions on various educational, business, and corporate platforms worldwide, equipping individuals with the skills and mindset needed to excel in their industry and lead with purpose.

Key takeaways

Good leadership is about adding value. Leaders will be respected no matter their age if they consistently bring value to their business.

Both younger and older leaders can have qualities that aid a cutting-edge leader, but older leaders also have the benefit of experience.

Cutting-edge leaders must both anticipate and navigate the future and being a lifelong learner is crucial to staying ahead.