Rewilding: What it is and why it's good for well-being

14 Jun 2023
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Rewilding: What it is and why it's good for well-being

14 Jun 2023
About the speaker
  • Angela Loder
    Angela Loder
    Vice President, Research at International WELL Building Institute
    Dr. Angela Loder is Vice President, Research at the International WELL Building Institute. Key projects include co-leading the development of the 2020 Global Research Agenda on Health, Well-being and the Built Environment with the international IWBI Research Advisory and management of the pre-approved survey provider program for all WELL Certified projects. As a research scientist, strategic planner, and educator, Dr. Loder brings over a decade of experience in interdisciplinary research and partnerships around health, well-being, and the built and natural environment. Prior to joining IWBI, Dr. Loder ran her own consulting firm focused on urban planning, sustainability, nature, and health. She is a Canada-US Fulbright Scholar and holds a PhD from the University of Toronto. She has published extensively on urban nature and health, and her book “Small-Scale Urban Greening: Creating Places of Health, Creativity, and Ecological Sustainability” was published with Routledge in 2020.

Key takeaways

Bringing nature back in unconventional ways is gaining popularity worldwide.

Rewilding can increase biodiversity, mitigate the urban heat island effect, and promote well-being and environmental awareness.

Criticisms of rewilding include green gentrification and inequitable distribution.