Why reverse mentoring is good for you, your employees and your business

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Why reverse mentoring is good for you, your employees and your business

About the speaker
  • Becca Early
    Becca Early
    Reverse Mentoring Consultant
    Having worked in hospitality, healthcare, IT, digital-media and HR, Becca is currently building a Reverse Mentoring consultancy and learning how to code. 20 years of working in support roles taught Becca how to manage busy Senior Executives' time effectively, whilst highlighting the lack of attendee diversity during crucial business meetings and work events. An opportunity to put these concerns into action was presented when a colleague departing the company asked Becca to take the reins of a failing Reverse Mentoring project. Building on the learnings of the pilot-run's difficulties, Becca created and led the new programme for another 2-years, teaching others how to continue its success. Not only did the number of applicants and participants soar, the feedback of those in attendance reflected how necessary they felt Reverse Mentoring has become to any leadership team and organisation hoping to become more inclusive.

Key takeaways

In reverse mentoring, the more junior member of staff is the mentor and the more senior is mentee.

Reverse mentoring can lead to better insights for senior leadership, a more inclusive workforce and enhanced diversity.

To implement a sustainable reverse mentoring program, it's essential to not to fall into old patterns and instead encourage open dialogue.