Accelerating your brand in the face of a recession

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Accelerating your brand in the face of a recession

About the speaker
  • Vicki Young
    Vicki Young
    Founder and CEO at Nalla Design
    Founder and CEO of Nalla Design, a multi award-winning brand agency delivering brand strategy, visual and verbal identity, digital design and brand activation. We believe that to create real value, today’s brands need to think and act more ‘B2P’ — business to people. This all starts with developing a clear proposition that can engage a core audience. Our superpower lies in the ability to work alongside businesses to distil complex concepts into compelling brands. We partner with ambitious global businesses with diverse stakeholder groups — helping them to refocus, rebrand and scale-up.

Key takeaways

Looking at the long game helps companies make the best strategy.

During periods of uncertainty, understanding your customers' needs is more important than ever.

Historically, companies who have continued to invest have weathered recessions better.